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Geliecure Professional Certification
Step 1 : Let’s get started
Thank you for choosing to learn about Gelie Cure and getting certified. In the next step you’ll be asked to watch videos about the Gelie Cure system. Once you have finished you can click on the “Answer Questions” button.

Once you have successfully answered the questions you will have a personalized Gelie Cure certificate sent to the email address you provided.
Step 2: Register
The information below will be used in creating your official certificate.
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Step 2 : Watch Videos
Please watch all the following videos to learn about, how tos and troubleshooting about the Gelie Cure system. You must watch all the videos in order to answer the certification questions. Click on the “Answer Questions” button to take the exam. To prevent losing progress do not close window, refresh or hit the back button.Congratulations on successfully completing the exam. Please use this page to re-watch any of the videos.

You can also download your PDF again.
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